The first recorded mention of the dry river plate with products around before J.K. 1700, the inscription was brought before a famous figure of some ancient style. First, it is believed that the Egyptians, the people of Carthage, were responsible for the expansion of dry crops around the world, especially in the west of the rising market, through dry products. Due to the durability of the transport and transport life, the fruit was dry, going to Christopher Columbus, Thomas Peary in a 1908 victory near the North Pole and with pilot Scott Carpenter on the site in 1962 outside.

The east wind dried up its fruit; let the dry land pass through the tunnel by means of a drainage ditch, or lack of water, and it dies. Safe foods are long-term fruit. The appearance of dry land, the first ripe fruits of dried, dehydrated and dried fruits can be explained by the mere action of the effects of water for purification, and their flesh is still in effect today. now. The New Benefits of Drinking In the long run, the causes and become more concentrated in nutrients, and even the overall appearance of changing fruits.Dry from the heap of the heaps and losses before Exercise is often offered by a competent expert, before hitting the gym, and he/she may be the only person able to munch on kinds of pasta such as the amygdala, the more the help the metabolic. Because even when they are defeated, the fiber that consumes high-calorie fruit every time they serve it is a great dried fruit that has chosen the law. Offer a variety of health benefits without the additives that cause dryness.

Nutrient in cranberries, or dried grapes/grapes and other plums are more urgent and full of minerals, compared to new products. And be careful as you add Sweeteners (sugar syrup) cranberries, cherries, and plums to your target market. Also, the ingredient list, except for the products and products mentioned, maybe non-sulfites (types of preservatives, such as dyes). The main producers of dry products are those that contain high levels of fat, or sodium cholesterol. Dried fruits bring to fruition as much as possible as they need to refresh the activity with enthusiasm.

The calorie content of vitamin A is quite high in small amounts that get dehydrated. Prepare to absorb 100 calories in their work. Thiamine, riboflavin, too, they are completely responsible for their role.

Health benefits of eating dry fruits

Anticancer militant

It was a day of apples keeping the doctor, so everyone knew it, and he had dried apple foam every day and apricots. Apples and apricots are obvious phytonutrients (the plant is part of the origin of which is to provide natural foods) is the thing, as well as a good source of fiber, already retired body causes cancer as prescribed. So they contain vitamins A, 100 and iron.

Beautiful And Healthy Skin

Eu is part of the skin and has been looking for some moisturized moisturizers recently. So, good husbandry is here to save you, blue is a beautiful fruit to enhance hair growth and good sources of gluten and dry blue will be rich in various phytonutrients, vitamins A, 100, and E, as well as 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for the health of the skin, safely to the body. It also improves the skin of life.

To be healthy, it contains dried grapes, should be punished by Resveratrol skin, the antioxidant is good for you to try stressful skin. Peanuts, Dry the skin, and improve the deterioration of the constituents are, if present in the form of oils, a box oil derived from linoleic acid, which prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, helps the peasants. Amygdala is effective in refinement therapy. This is the dried fruit, as well as its ingredients in the face.

If you have eaten cashew nuts in the country help to improve skin health. Cashew perfume, which is available in many cosmetics for women. Helps to reduce skin, and prevent the loss, it also helps to protect the skin, it lifts, and traps its feet, nourishing it. Cashew nuts are rich in vitamin E, and an antioxidant, which distributes the skin.

Potassium is vital.

Rich in fresh apricots, plums, apricots, dried DUI notes with the high potassium content. It will enhance the balance of intracellular water and extracellular sodium + potassium levels. Potassium is very important in maintaining a healthy or inadequate blood supply, while high levels of potassium that lead to inadequate body mass are needed to increase the risk of high blood pressure…

Iron content can be increased in your body.

Dried herbs and apricots are important sources of iron. He has been on apricot for a while and will cleanse it as an aid in preventing blood loss, as well as a rich source of iron. She is often prescribed by doctors for patients with blood disorders.

Help your organs, give your heart the HEARTBEAT

Instead, it is considered the best basic source of protein. It is rich in fiber, phytonutrients and healthy As vitamin E is also high in plant sterols and fats. Nuts – mono-unsaturated fat, but mostly polyunsaturated (Omega 3 – good oil) high in cholesterol and helps in reducing. There are many people who carry the myth that they help improve the weight of nuts, nuts are limited, but they are sufficient to prove that the best source of protein, minerals, and other nutrients, and good for heart health. Eating can cause heart disease.

Cashew contains healthy monounsaturated fats, which helps to make it good for heart disease, which is to reduce the level of monounsaturated fatty acids the triglyceride levels are associated with an increased risk of heart disease. PO. Peanuts are rich in anti-oxidants.

TipĀ forĀ thick hair and great brain.

Essential fats are essential for the amygdala, protein, and fiber. Apply face blends to remove dead cells and impurities. As the New Blooms in poplar trees, and in the flowers of the amygdala, and oils help to brighten and brighten the hair. Hemoglobin and its aid in enhancing blood flow promoting the amygdala. There are also help to reduce cholesterol and prevent lung and breast cancer. And so from all the other classes that have appeared to protect the holes from the dried grapes, dried fruit And keep the teeth away from the teeth, keep them in the eye. They also nourish the eyes and are also good vitamin A source of vision problems, and to protect the eyes.

Peanuts and peanut butter are one of the most healthy and good for families full of fat and other nutrients. Omega 3 fatty acids, which are in the brain of food nuts. Approximately 60% of Omega 3 essential oils come from the accepted brain systems that are pistachio nuts and amygdala. Health problems are also associated with superstition