Remember the good old ‘days of youth fighting wits, with pals in the name of the toy world? The name of the place will be what the animal will be and the result will be the car !! He was leading. But since it is not easy to stand up for the most part in terms of knowledge, under the veil the bad things must be a few names but earrings: fruits- more money than fruits, guavas, bananas, litchi, pears, berries, and the like. And the list below, when I tell you that ignorance does not increase the chance of a panic attack Mother Nature will deliver!

Most Exotic Fruits

Jack Fruits

Don’t worry! You may not be the bee, and you are in contact with others; Calories are small, you can’t find a bride in the seed bin (again, in the bad smell in the open)! – States in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines and parts of India, but the result of something like a banana experiment in the mix. What is left as an unpleasant odor of unlimited aroma of taste and taste is the taste of many flavors, the liturgy, of Mother Nature! Physically speaking, there is a tree in the family tree of the Artocarpeae class.

Passion Fruit

Aren’t they formed in hot areas, especially (America, South Asia, Australia, Australia, etc.) where the flesh and the rich fruits of the interior are filled with the fruits of the army? Different from yellow to dark purple (age) in color, the aroma is often used as a fragrance enhancer added to other fruit juices. Besides being used in various dishes (such as soft drinks, a dessert based on sauces) also has the characteristics of sedative fruits! Manufacturers needed by many Maracugina brands commercialized in Brazil.


The West Africa Tropical is home, which is the result of the Sapindaceae member (is litchi). And emigrated in 1778. But the result of both countries is the National mazim.Unusual Acker who wants to have the consequences of having to be careful before announcing what happened? Jamaicans pay for sickness on vacation or on fire. Only in the brain in the form of arils is food. Due to the fact that they are ‘brainwashed’!


Seeing it in the mountains of Latin America for many others, a large branch of cocoons. of maturity. Solanaceae family and population effects of the Andes cocoon pen in South America, a specific country. And what has grown in many places, as it is well known, is that under your feet-roofs are more likely to ski, to withstand the cold weather. Coconuts from Fruit to Fruit in just 9 months! Now they’re in a competition, huh? , Try is said to be the cross between the lemon and tomato.


Also known as Spaniard, Limoncillo is a resident of Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Whatever, that has pierced through the roof of the stern, hard, do not let that plague. Tangy, Whites in the flesh you have sucked into what we call the Limoncillo Mamoncillo (why Mom is called, and the milk); In addition to cultivating the purpose of the decoration, Limoncillo Painting has the benefit of the native of Arawak.


Also known as apple trees, which are indigenous products of India, can be found throughout Southeast Asia. The hardy of the puppet is fighting to be scary, scary, and next to Bael, it is exterior, invincible. There is a wicked head on high; For the fourth, it must be said that men are out and about, so they have no break in the hammer. However, rich in this fruit is a desirable property. The pulp (or juice), and has anti-inflammatory properties. And the worms are the war and the animals, amoebic blood. Surprising (or not) to show The results of this huge juice are 6 liters!


In Sunda mangosteen purple native trees from the Moluccas Indonesia coast also grow in the southern FOF region of South America and India, he said. The sweetness of the fruit and the fruit and the tangy are slightly fibrous. When ripe, the rind (exocarp) is an inedible product. The study revealed that the child was in front of a simple device that spoke against the material. And afterward said: and the way in which the roots of the ripe fruit have become ripe, the fruits of the queen, ‘ Queen Victoria weighing 100 pounds seemed to agree enough to deliver it to the basket. Even if you have no historical background, what doesn’t give you an interesting read?


There was also a cucumber horn, which (for all horns, is a wonderful thing when it comes to whole fruits !!) but it is a fruit that pleases the color. Sharp the interior look with yellow, green herbaceous melons of the kind are. The first countries in Africa were important to the United States (which many call the ‘blowfish’ ‘), Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand. With the Gemsbok kokombra the only source of water in the country The Kalahari Desert.The crucifixion of taste-wise bananas, bananas, and lemons, because of its delicate side effects and inability to eat much of the food, the purity of the fiber of the bark, and will be abundant. is abundant in 100 vitamins.


Like dragon fruit, it is often considered native to Mexico. Dragon rice is found in two orders (no taste) – it smells of the kind, rare in Asia and the mildly sweet, common in America. Dragon fruit is often called a cross between the frenzy and the potted trees. And its lipids have a nutty taste and a rich rich grain. What is particularly interesting about preliminary investigations is the result of the fact that polyphenols have been found to be resistant to Pitaya bone cancer. In addition, pulp products are used in many drinks, dessert toppings, flavors, etc.